August 23, 2012

The Plan

A planner, just a simple way to lay things out in life. I couldn't wait to get my hands on my brand new planner. There is just something about the alignment of the numbers and lines. Maybe this obsession is what drove me to education. No. Well, I marked my old calendar for the date I would get my greedy little hands on this planner. It comes at the start of each new school year. I would make sure I was there. In fact, my old planner ended and I needed that space to record my life. A journal, you could say. Sure, there is blank white paper, calendars to print, but it is just not the same as ONE place to hold my record.

I patiently listened to the presenter, while thinking about what I could add to my shiny, new planner. Really, there wasn't much. I attentively heard all the speakers had to say, and left with the renewed sense of motivation. Motivation to do better.

As I drove home, with the uplifting feeling of accomplishing a goal,  I thought, "There is something quite exciting about being a part of something bigger than you are." I watched the city buildings pass by quickly, glowing with magnitude. I was a part of something big. I am a part of something huge. Education should be replaced with the word, "inspriation." For if we are inspired, we change. To learn, is to make a change. You can even go right down to that neural pathway that links one neuron to the next. A change does happen. What kind of changes do I make daily? Am I educating, learning, inpiring... myself?
I arrived home to "big hugs" and sweet kisses, smiles that would melt your heart and words that went right to my heart. I attentively listened to wild stories of park going and lizard wrestling from a child barely three. The almost two year old echoed his enthusiasm and details. What a lovely feeling it is to be missed. A feeling like, I really am a part of something bigger than I am. How blessed I feel to know this. Being a mother, so much more rewarding.

August 17, 2012

Friday's Letters

Japanese Steakhouse

Dear Friday,
I have missed you.

Dear Oliver,
You are so adorable writing letters on your leap pad! I love your enthusiasm.

Dear mother,
Thank you for sharing that weird caterpillar with us that we have kept for months in a mason jar cage. It turned into the most educational, cool experience as we watched an Imperial Moth crawl out of a cocoon. Wow! It was so worth the wait.

Dear Calvin,
I love to lay with you as you fall fast asleep in a big boy bed, but you keep putting me to sleep mid-day =).

Dear Rain,
I am grateful for you. You cooled down the temperature already today!

Dear Lowry Park Zoo,
I cannot wait to explore you!

Dear Love,
Thanks for nursing me back to health!

August 16, 2012

The Magic of books!

My imagination went wild. I leaped into a world that children dream of and most others try so hard to achieve. We spent hours, pouring our thoughts into the pages of the books.

Charity. How sweet is charity? Helping someone when they need it most, or even when they don't.

I always wanted a large collection of children's books for my kids. Books were not notably the only memory I have as a child, but I do remember reading books. I remember the little closets or spaces that mother transformed into our own special place to imagine.

One of our houses, built in the late 1800's, had a nook that I remember so clearly. At the end of the hallway, which led to our bedrooms, a window let in enough light for any sort of reading. She draped a curtain for a door and used a soft rug to warm the hard wood floors. There was also the beloved bookshelf, filled with mostly used books purchases from the local library book sale, covered in protective plastic and old bar-codes. Even though I couldn't read, I would find myself sitting at the end of the hall, warmed by the creative pictures in these fairy tales.

Today is not a day I would have guessed to be sitting here typing out things I am grateful for. Usually, Thursdays are just that, but today wasn't that type of Thursday. After waking throughout the night with the most dreadful sore throat while mustering up just enough energy to walk to the bathroom, I would think that today wasn't that day. But it got better. My husband saved the day and while he had taken the children out to play, I answered the door to a sweet sister holding two large boxes of children's stories. She walked into a disastrous mess, including me. I was thankful, but not as thankful as I am after discovering the treasures she shared. Most were not even used! She took good care of these pages.

What a sweet thing charity is. What a sweet thing it is.


The Fontenot Four

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a punk, a pumpkin and a peanut

Its Ok Thursdays

August 15, 2012

Sometimes & Always #10

Take Me Out to the Ball Game

Sometimes: I spend all night on a blog that I love, catching up.
Always: I do not regret it, like creating better organization folders for our finances, found at the Nest Effect!

Spring Training

Sometimes: While picking a chicken ( like picking off the meat of a whole, cooked chicken), I wonder if this is a job that someone does, day in and day out.
Always: I realize that I am so grateful for my jobs.

Tigers' Spring Training

Sometimes: While cleaning, I think about sampling all of the germs at different locations to learn how nasty it really is to be wiping around the sink or dropping food on the floor.
Always: I realize that would take too much time and I should leave that to the experts.

Spring Training Tigers

Sometimes: I focus on keeping one area of the house clean for a long period of time (like always doing the dishes).
Always: Somehow I fail at keeping up that habit.

[These pictures were taken by my love, 3-31-2012. Tigers' Spring Training.]

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The Nest Effect: One of my Favorites!

I want to introduce you to one of the most useful blogs out there! The Nest Effect. What an amazing way to get your life organized. Not everything applies to everyone, but she has something for everyone. I love the set up. She has weekly posts like, "Do you have 10 minutes" with simple tasks to get organized, clean, clear and live in a better environment. If you haven't checked it out. Please do.

August 14, 2012

Tuesday Top 10: Favorite Blog Posts

Summer 2012 
Today, I was excited about the Tuesday 10, but have still been I am a little late posting! The topic is 10 Favorite Blog Posts! Mine are not in any specific order!

Here goes:

7. Sleep

I found myself wanting to make this list longer and edit, but I will leave it at that! If you want to search around a few posts to get to know me better, as a writer, check out those 10! I hope you enjoy.


August 13, 2012

Calvin and His Calls

Our son loves to contact his grandparents. Whether it is through Skype or the phone. This is an example of how the conversation goes when he makes contact. How are your children on the phone?

Call to the Grands from Mostwhatmatters on Vimeo.

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August 12, 2012

Do Better Sundays

Today is a day to be inspired. Inspired to do good, to recharge, to worship our Lord. A day dedicated to family, service, and just plain 'ole love. Well, today I am doing this in the comfort of our own home. We missed church, one of my favorite things to attend weekly. So I went searching for that inspiration, recharge and worship. I decided to start a weekly post of that inspiration. I love the new set up of Mormon Channel. I get the app on my phone and from anywhere, I can listen to music, Ensign articles, General Conference, Devotionals. Technology is amazing.

I found this lovely video that I would like to share. My mom and sister are visiting my brother and his family in NYC this past week, so I thought I would look at this video. I loved it! (I especially love her haircut!) Check it out and let me know what you think? Have you been inspired to do better today?

August 11, 2012

Something Extra Saturday

So this is something extra for Saturday. I was checking out some of my favorite blogs and came across this Military video of a song I featured in Music Muse Tues while back...Call Me Maybe! I don't listen to the radio, so I am not annoyed every time I hear this song like most of you. It is a great workout song. Check out the video. It is hilarious!

August 8, 2012


The invention of Skype. What a lovely thing. Where we can call our family, see their faces, and interact as if we are in the same room. This is a picture of the kids skyping Grandma and Grandpa! They demand it on a regular basis and pretend to feed them and tickle them through the amazing connection of internet! We love you guys!

August 7, 2012

Sometimes & Always #9

March 2012

Sometimes: The sun shines just right to catch my eye and enjoy it.
Always: I realize how hot it is and wish I had a back yard pool to dive into.

spring break 2012
Sometimes: I wish I could spend the entire summer traveling around and visiting my friends and family.
Always: Reality hits and I know that will never be possible.

spring break 2012

Sometimes: I save so well so something I really want.
Always: If it takes too long to get, I spend money just in spite of not getting what I want.
spring break 2012
Sometimes: I get daily reminder from like 10 photo companies about deals going on with photo books.
Always: I just delete the emails from my phone because I don't have time to sit and do it!

spring break 2012
Sometimes: These posts sound so negative.
Always: It's because while I was composing, I just got annoying news. Boo!

spring break 2012

Sometimes: I think it looks like we live at SeaWorld.
Always: We really don't!

Link up with the lovely Megan @ Mackey Madness below like I did!

Music Muse Tues

I know you have heard of Alyssa Bonagura. If not, you have been hiding from that awesome Lowe's Commercial (or they are not broadcasting it in your area =). I love her music. She is born from talent. Both of her parents are successful musicians. She writes, plays, sings her own music. Uses more than one instrument, including the UKE! I love her style. Check her out! If you create a login on her site above, you can get a preview of  the first 3 songs on her new album. 

Tuesday 10 is Back Again

So I have been taking a break from Tuesday 10, just like the link host! I am back though and can't wait to link up! The topic is author's choice this week. I decided to go with: Top 10 Reasons I Love Having Two Boys. Here goes:

I love that they are future scientists, so interested in squeezing frogs and catching lizards. 

spring break 2012
I love moments when they fall down and get right back up without making a peep. 

I love how easily they forgive, like most men.

I love the clothes and toy sharing.

The Rays
I love their adventurous spirits. 

spring break 2012
I love their [close] age difference.

spring break 2012
I love that they are so much like their amazing father.

spring break 2012
I love that we have so many righteous men in our family for them to look up to.

spring break 2012
I love that they love us (their parents).

I love that they have each other, through this life and the eternities to come.
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