November 30, 2011

Memory, Oh Memories

What drives your memories? What triggers those ever so real feelings of joy, of sadness, of content smiles? I have studied the mind, studied the theories that lie behind these questions, that attempt to answer these deep questions. How can one phrase, one picture, one smile bring back so many feelings? How can those scars be so easily torn open, and those feelings of worry change so quickly to reassuring feelings? I am listening to this song as I type to you, as I try to explain that I am aware that I cannot control everything, I know that is part of my struggle here. Dang, I feel like an emotional teenager right now as tears fall and my journal is recorded. Well, I know where to find peace. I turn to my love. I turn to the Lord, Jesus Christ. I turn to my blessings. To my sleeping babies. I sneak in to give them a kiss and watch them nestle back into comfort. Look up and count the blessings around you! Snap out of self-pity, out of sorrow.

I took a walk tonight, down memory lane 2006. It is so funny that an entire year of digital pictures equals 2 weeks now. Of course, I didn't have beautiful boys to picture then, well just one. Can I share some old pictures. Some that are special to me and my heart? Oh, how I have changed. Oh, how my love has instilled just what I need in my heart that wasn't complete yet. Without him, I'm not sure how I would have fared. I'm not sure. I feel better now.

November 27, 2011

What a Deal?

I couldn't help, but share this amazing deal shared by Collin at I just bought our Christmas cards for $14.75! I bought 45 Christmas cards with FREE shipping, FREE POSTAGE, and they are already addressed! The postage alone would have totaled $17.55!!!

I cannot believe how easy this was. The hardest part is choosing the best photo for your closeup! I also used my ShopAtHome account for 5% back on what I purchased. Every cent counts right? ( is totally legit. I already received a $30 check from past purchases!)

Go to to receive 70% off of all holiday cards with the code: BLACKFRI at checkout. The sale should be good until this coming Friday. I completed mine tonight just in case.

Head over to Hip2Save for more information. She always has the best deals posted! 

P.S. If you want a Christmas Card, send your address my way!

November 22, 2011

What a Priceless Design!

The name is perfect. You may notice a few changes around here. A few months ago, I read a post by my sis about the perfect blog designer she met in her travels. She has answered to my incessant messages that were somewhat unclear to begin with, and created a masterpiece. I thank her and encourage you to check out what she has in store for you! Click Here for your home page. She also has a few other pages linked to her blog about her family adventures, so check it out!. Happy blogging readers!! I know I am a happy blogger today! Thanks Katie! 

November 19, 2011

Greeted With Snow

We arrived in VA greeted with snow. Of course it melted before snowmen were thought of, but nonetheless, the view was beautiful. Oh, Blue Ridge Mountains how I have missed you. It is nice to look out the windows and watch the snow fall so elegantly on the ground. It has been cold, our faces show evidence of the cool wind. I am posting one last post with my old interface. Soon, you will see a blog "re-vamp" by my friend Katie over at Priceless Design. Farewell Old blog. 

PS I am sending you off with pictures from our trip to Ocean City, MD at the birth of our beautiful new niece, Claire. She was only a week in these photos. I love you Claire!

November 15, 2011

It Was Almost a Year!

I got a phone call from my love this afternoon that he was on his way to the hospital with Oliver. Oliver was running around the living room, getting tired before his nap, tripped on his own two feet and gashed his head open on the kitchen chair. 

Jason said he cried when it happened, but soon calmed down. I met them at the hospital and he was excited to show off his hospital bracelet and bandage. They glued it together. 

He was a champ! The nurse greeted me saying, "It was almost a year since his last ER visit..." I thought to myself, "Am I my mother? Will I be in here with 2 crazy boys as my mother was more than once a year? We have been 4 times in 2.5 years already. 

What is there to come? What will their sensation seeking personalities bring our way?" Then I stopped thinking about it to avoid a panic attack! Ha. Well, I guess I can't protect them from everything, even their own two feet.

November 14, 2011

...A Lot Like Christmas

I do have a confession to make. I put up the Christmas tree last Tuesday. It has almost been a week! Jason got the Rubbermaid boxes down from the attic, the boys ran around the house in excitement as we unloaded, and we celebrated by enjoying St. Cloud's finest baked beans and BBQ! Oh how I love those Baked Beans! What a joy it has been to fill the house with Christmas cheer. We bought a few Christmas books for the kids.

I am in love with children's books by Nancy Tillman. The artwork is beautiful, the rhymes are catchy and the stories are entertaining for both the little lovebugs and adults! We are just missing 1 or 2 of her collection. I love it! She just released Tumford the Terrible. It tells a tale of cat who never says, "Sorry." Oh, how I love these books. Well, I better get back to avoiding chores. 


November 10, 2011

Our Big-Boy and His Cut Hair

So, our sweet little boy got a hair cut a few days ago. (I have been waiting to post pictures because we have been busy showing off his new hair cut. On Calvin's birthday, we went to Sea World. I asked Calvin if he wanted to go to Sea World and he nodded while saying something that sounded close to, "yes.") 

It was fun discovering that a NO. 2 on Jason is completely different than a NO. 2 on Oliver. The whole experience was crazy. 

I gave Oliver a Popsicle, at his request. I sat him on the counter and he did not want to cooperate. The windows were open in the kitchen and hair was blowing everywhere. I ended up holding his head against my chest while he ate a Popsicle and I buzzed his head. Of course you can throw in his sudden head movements, cries and Calvin at my feet picking up hair to taste. What a laugh. I have learned a few things from that experience. Here is the end result!

November 7, 2011

The Lizard With No Legs

Daddy was working in the yard last week 
and ran in to say,
"Honey grab a cage for me. 
I caught a lizard with no legs." 
"A lizard with no legs?" I thought 
and hurried round to see
A little lizard with no legs it was 
or "joint snake" to me.

Oliver skipped into the room 
to join the fun and noise
He hurried over with big eyes 
and even dropped his toys!
"Mommy, daddy look, A joint snake," 
he exclaimed with great joy.
We smiled, laughed and answered back, 
"You are such a smart little boy!"

We kept him in a cage for days,
well only two or three
for if we kept him any longer
we'd have to catch a bee!
A bee, cricket, spider, bug
they're all the same to me
For this little lizard with no legs
really did need to eat!

We let him go
With much sorrow
To share him with the land
We hope to see you again
That's our story, THE END.

My Dear Sweet Calvin

To my Dear Sweet Calvin,

I miss the days you spent sleeping in my arms
with a simple smile, you could never do harm,
the days you didn't leap from my grasp or my hold
when I tried to change your clothes or your diaper without a scold
the days when you crawled, you didn't walk, or stumble
the days when I wasn't publicly humbled 

I miss your gummy smile,
head of hair 
tiny toes, tiny nose

I miss you though you're here
I miss you though you're close

I look forward to the days 
you help clean up all your toys
when you sing your first song
when you make too much noise

I cannot wait for times
you ask me questions about life
when I will share my testimony
about trials, about strife

I think I'll shed a tear
when you first count, or throw a ball
I know I have some fear
when you will "know it all"

I look forward feeling blessed that you've made it this far
and back with a tear that those days are, what they are.
We couldn't be more proud
of our little one year old
We couldn't feel more blessed
We love you, forever you'll be told.


Your Mommy and Daddy!

Happy Birthday Cal pal.
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