September 29, 2011

A Few of My Favorite Things

Wow, is it really the end of the week already? I cannot believe how fast this week has flown by. I am so looking forward to conference. Today I was watching my littlest lovebug and decided a few things that I love about his current stage:
  • I love his eyes when he first wakes. They tell a story of the dreams that were reality moments before.
  • The wonder in his expression as he opens and closes this mysterious book.
  • His quiet "grunts" as he disassembles the once neatly organized shelves of books and toys
  • The sweet smile of accomplishment as he walks across the room, while keeping his balance
  • The admiration he shows while attempting to gain his elder brother's attention
  • The way he holds his new mouth-full of teeth
  • The sound of my name being called.
Happy blogging, world!

P.S. The pictures are some September 2011 leftover, everyday-kind-of-photos.

Boyce to the Avenue

What an extraordinary concert! Boyce Avenue rocked the night away last Saturday in Orlando. Thanks to my wonderful sister and her husband, we were able to leave the kids at home for an evening out on the town. Jess, Abigail, my momma, and my love all packed in the car headed downtown. We were so impressed by the talent, which is evident on their YouTube channel that is constantly playing in our home. One day, we will be talented enough to collaborate. We are truly inspired by their talent, dedication and stage presence! They create a magic as they cover song's that I didn't like prior to their version. I left the concert wanting more, the time flew by too quick!

Some of my favorite things of the night:
  • The feeling the base rattle my cage
  • Screaming the words to as song I love at the TOP of my Lungs
  • Forcing my dear sister Abby to proclaim her love for Alejandro
  • Laughing Out Loud with my sister Jess
  • Listening to this song and knowing that HE is already here
  • Watching my momma rock it out
  • Competing with my mom's famous Indian call (yeyeyeyaayayahhh!)
  • Being inspired to sing more and dust off that 'ole guitar
  • Swaying with my love as we enjoyed the talent someone else has worked so hard to perfect
  • When they sang my favorite song!
  • Coming home to a clean house, sleeping lovebugs, and a happy sister!

We can't wait to go back! Come back Boyce Avenue!!

September 27, 2011

Happy Birthday My Love

Dear Jason,
Today is a wonderful day to celebrate, for if you weren't born, the world would never know two beautiful boys that brighten the room with their dimples, an amazing husband, father and man of God. I admire that special bond you have with your boys. 

You are an example to many with your patience and understanding. Your testimony is immovable and some rely on it. You know how to listen to complaints without letting it alter your mood. You are so PATIENT! We've been through many experiences that keep us going, make us stronger and strengthen the eternal tie we have. For that, I am thankful, even in your debt.  You are ever so talented. You inspire others with your kindness and long suffering.
Thank you for being born
Thank you for being a friend
Thank you for your love
Thank you to the end!

Happy Birthday Jason!

Your lover

September 26, 2011

Who I am

Thursday, I received the Photo Books I ordered last week! I am surprised by their quick delivery. Then, my wonderful Sis sent me a few codes for I am excited to use those, if I can only catch up on my grading.

As I went through the photo books, I decided to look at all of our photo books. I came across one that my love made for my birthday two years ago. What a special book this is. I initially cried as I read the words throughout the book, 25 People Who Love You (for my 25th). He dedicated one page per person with a picture and letter of why that person loves me. He only had our family and couple close friends write to me. 

As I took a trip down memory lane, I started thinking, am I this person? Do I live up to these wonderful characteristics that my family listed? Am I the person that everyone thinks I am? The person my Heavenly Father knows I am? President Uchtdorf, reminded us last night, "Am I committing my time and energies to the things that matter most?" I began to notice my bad habits that day. I told myself that I was choosing to be who I am. I am a daughter of God. I have been entrusted with the care of our two little lovebugs.

Can I just mention that I have been yearning to hear the words of our latter-day Prophet and his apostles. I am so excited. I will be petitioning the Lord with a few questions as I prepare this week. I testify that the gospel of Jesus Christ is the way to get back to live with our Heavenly Father and reach our full potential. 

P.S. I am trying to update more, I will be done with one of my classes 10/13 so I will be blasting out the posts after that. For now, you will hopefully see one a day =)

September 24, 2011

To Teach Or Learn?

I had a moment of enlightenment during class last night. I was not looking forward to class. There were a few cases of plagiarism throughout the week and I felt a confrontation coming on. Also, there was a possible security issue with 2 girls and I was in fear of my own safety. I had to stop for gas. It was raining. There was traffic. I arrived "late" in my standards for work. I like to arrive fairly early to handle any issues and get my head in the game. I arrived and was introduced to an administrator that would sit in on my class to ensure my safety. I was thinking,  "What am I doing here?" I walked in to witness 2 other girls arguing with curse words and again questioned my purpose of this job. Then, as I began class, a student raised her hand and said, "I don't care if I talk about this in front of the class, but on my paper you wrote..." I was like, "Really? WHAT IS MY PURPOSE? Why did I get this job? Why am I away from my family to be here with these people?" I handled the situation and moved throughout my lecture and activities while my mind was in deep thought. Then, it hit me. "You are here to learn." 

"To learn?" I thought. I went with it. During a break,  I wanted to head to the restroom, get a drink and have a moment to myself. This never happens. The students want to share what they have learned and have a little pride letting me know, that THEY know. I feel like I am their "mother" in a sense. So, one lady was sharing this off-topic story with me that was really personal. I felt the prompting again while she spoke, "You are here to learn." My whole attitude changed! I am one to change my attitude. I go from good to bad and bad to good to better! "I am here to learn," I thought. This woman was sharing her story about her diagnosis of M.S. I didn't know much about the effects of this disease, but soon learned all about it. I felt compassion for this woman, compassion I didn't have before my attitude was changed.

I began facilitating the class like I was "there to learn." I listened to the student's responses. I gave them eye contact and my full attention. Of course, this encouraged more talking and less breaks, but I learned something last night. Every question the students had about the course (History of Psychology) could not be explained by theories, or answered by the text, but those questions could only be answered by the gospel. Oh how I wish I could shout THAT from the front of the class and have them accept it. 

It sounds so silly, but really it's not.

**These photos were from 9/17/11, with the lovely Romero's.

September 23, 2011

Hello Deals!

We traveled out to Kohl's yesterday to meet up with Ashley and finally get that sweater I was itching to get. Of course we arrive and there is no sign of the sweat and no associates to help. After having the manager search for a few minutes, I finally found it, just not in the Burnt Orange. I seriously love this sweater. I may have to go back and get the color I want. It was originally $50, on sale for $30, I had $10 Kohl's Cash (expired, but they take it), $10 coupon for signing up to be GREEN and stop paper statements and 20% off of my entire purchase= a $4 sweater instead of $50! Their best deals are for credit card holders and that's all there is to it! Oh yeah, we earned $10 Kohl's cash for the next sweater!

I bought the boys their outfits for family photos coming up and tons of clearance items. I love Kohl's. I dislike their motto (The more you know, the more you Kohl's). I really feel like they can come up with something better. It just doesn't make sense. Calvin slept the entire time in the stroller and Oliver was bribed with Thomas and peanut butter sandwiches. 

We met up with Asher Basher and sweet Isabella for some MENCHIES. Oliver was basically laughing the entire time with joy while he was eating his "fat free" frozen yogurt. Calvin loved it too! 

We headed over to Babies R Us for diaper deals and the sale does not begin until Friday (AHHHH!!) I still purchased some clearance clothes, wipes that clip to your bag, pack-n-play quilted sheet, and Calvin's baby book (I's late).
Overall, the day was busy, but full of adventure, with a special ending. Thank you to sweet Abigail for watching the boys so mom and I could enjoy a night out! We even caught up with my awesome friend, Valerie McGraw. There were around 6-7 teachers from my old school who were hired to work for this company in 2009, so it was nice to see some old friends!

***These pictures are courtesy of Sunday dinners at Nana's. This post was written 9/22/11.

September 22, 2011

Distance makes the heart...

Distance makes the heart...grow fonder? More lonely? Depressed? Sad? Want Chocolate Icecream? Okay, well it is not that extreme, but we have missed dear 'ole daddy this week. He has been at a conference for most of the week. I got to see him in action tonight, and believe me, there was plenty of action. You should have seen this beast tearin' up the stage, ruffling all of the chicken's feathers, and bringing me back to why I love this cool cat so much. When you have been in a relationship for awhile, you sometimes forget those magical feelings you felt when you met and fell in love. 
There is no doubt that I love my man, but the excitement of a new love is MIA. Don't get me wrong, there is excitement and there is surprise, but you know what I am talking about. This is why Romantic Comedies are so popular. People (well women) love to feel those feelings, even if you are viewing an unrealistic story about those feelings. I found it tonight though, those MIA feelings. Jason performed at this work conference for their version of, "American Idol." Can I just tell you that he is HOT! All the ladies were screaming and smiling like a Backstreet Boy was up there singing just to them. Listen for my comments and laugh. I told him afterward I would take care of those "chickens."

I cannot wait for him to come home tomorrow! AHHH!!! It is such a great thing to realize your talent in front of many people. I am blessed to be with one who has. I love you babe!! We need to schedule more of these performances.

September 20, 2011

A Day of Opposites

Today was a day of opposites. That's right, or should I say wrong? Here are a few things we did that oppose the norm in these parts:
  • We had toast for breakfast
  • I vacuumed...twice
  • Calvin fell right asleep for his nap
  • I said, "okay" when my little lovebug asked to play outside
  • Oliver put on his shoes 
  • We played with Lucy
  • We were viciously attacked by an army of fire ants
  • I did the dishes all day long
  • We got ready to run errands and stayed home
  • I did more laundry than I planned

  • When Calvin dropped his bowl full of lunch, I handed it back to him to play with 
  • I let Calvin ruin my outfit to enjoy his smile a little longer
  • Calvin took a bath in the sink
  • I changed into zebra striped shirt with blue striped Bermuda shorts(inspired here)
  • We ate Popsicles, then lunch
  • I let Oliver go to bed with my silky robe because it reminds him of mommy
  • He kissed me and said, "I love you, Mommy," without prompting
  • Oliver went right to sleep during nap time
  • We missed daddy's pop-ins throughout the day =(
  • Calvin was into everything
  • Oliver was not
  • Calvin called my name and laughed when he got my attention
  • I let Oliver take my picture (as seen above)
  • We felt summer slipping away with a nice breeze

Oh how I am learning to go with the flow by my love's example. It feels nice. Today was an opposite kind of day. Now, I should go work =)

September 19, 2011

JC Penney $10 off $30 Mobile Coupon

Do you shop at JC Penney? You can score a $10 off $30 purchase coupons. It is really simple. You need to sign up for JCP mobile, which allows them to text you upcoming deals. Once you sign up, within minutes you will receive a text instructing you to confirm your request to join with a text back that says, "TEN." You can also sign up for their frequent mailings list for frequent coupons by clicking here.

-Thanks Hip2Save

Read it and weep...

Tears of joy that is! I just went through the Sunday paper to find a flyer that brought joy to my heart! Walmart is bringing back FABRICS. Our closest fabric store has been Jo-Anns, which is 40 minutes away! This is why I have joy!

The flyer reads, "New, expanded assortment. Fabrics are back. We now have fabrics in over 2,000 stores. More products. More choices. More low prices." I am excited to visit my local Walmart in future days to craft the lovebugs Halloween costumes (a tradition carried from my mother).

Some other great deals:

Publix has BOGO Infusium Shampoo and Conditioner n their Soar Into Savings ad (good through 10/7/11). Kohl's has their (up to) 30% off coupons for card holders (through 9/21) and earn $10 Kohl's Cash for every $50 spent (through 9/21). I love these stores! I love a few of these things:

I have been looking for some cute boots. I want cowboy boots that are not too western (and expensive), but if I am going to go expensive, I want real leather ones that will last.

Here is what Kohl's has:

Candie's Western Boots
Mudd Western Ankle Boots

Which is your favorite?


Okay, so I have been BLOGGING way too much. Well, I enjoy it and maybe you do too, but I need to focus more on my other responsibilities

I began teaching a new class last week for the UoP. I really am happy to be a part of such a strong organization. I wasn't as prepared as I would have like to be, but nonetheless I survived the first out of 5 classes. I just keep the count down in my head when I need motivation to prepare or get through the 4 hour class. I hope to bring hope. Does that make sense? Many of my students have troubled pasts. They have made the decision as adults to further their education in this life. I am proud of them. I hope to follow my favorite scripture: "That your incomings may be in the name of the Lord; that your outgoings may be in the name of the Lord; that all your salutations may be in the name of the Lord, with uplifted hands unto the Most High."  I think by "outgoings" it even counts complaining about them after class. So, for now, I will keep my mouth shut and smile because I have a job that I mostly enjoy which allows me to spend more time with my lovebugs
Have a wonderful evening! Good night blogGER... Good night!

P.S. I have finished making 6 books since my post about the Snapfish deal! I am proud to say that I began my love for creating books with ease using Snapfish! And the above pic is This Day in History last year! Can you believe I was about to have a new little one?

P.P.S. This is a perfect example of procrastination! I have been "putting off" the day of making a few sweet potatoes into baby food for my little lovebug(as I have done many times before). I can't even remember when I bought them, it seems like yesterday. Well, as I was cleaning I found that the sweet potatoes decided to sprout! I thought they were pretty cool looking, but mocking me at the same time. I think I will just make them happy, since they won and plant them in my garden. So the question is, what do you put off? 

September 17, 2011

Snapfish Photo Books

I am very happy with my order. I purchased 3- 8x11 photo books with 24-27 pages each for $40 total (WITH SHIPPING/TAX!) I know there are better deals out there, but I needed to begin keeping a record of photo books. Besides they print the books in 3-5 days. I can't wait to see the finished product! 

I just realized they have a free shipping promotion going on! I will be chatting soon to get a refund. If this code works (SEPFS25) with this deal (on orders $25 or more) I will let you know. This would make the books $8.99 each! That is a steal of a deal.

In my film developing days, I was so good about purchasing photo albums, writing on the back of each photo and so forth, but I didn't have kids then either! There is no time for that now and my kids ruin the many photos I do have. I love the photo books. I will be researching other deals. I know has been advertising books starting at 14.99 with autofill! Enjoy your weekend. I sure can't wait for the Sabbath tomorrow.  
 For now, here is a photo or two for you to enjoy! I just can't get enough of our little lovebug!

September 16, 2011

2 FREE Photo Books wyb 1

Do you print photo books? Here is a great deal from Snapfish!

Buy 1 8x11 Book, Get 2 More for FREE!
1. LOVE8X11 at checkout to receive two free 8" x 11" photo books when you buy one 8" x 11" photo book. Must have three 8" x 11" photo books in cart to receive the discount. Photos may differ but all three 8" x 11" photo books must have the same cover type and base price. Limit two free photo books per customer.
2. Offer applies to first 20 pages of photo book only. Additional pages will be charged at regular prices.
3. Offer expires September 19, 2011, while supplies last.
4. Shipping and handling fees apply.
5. Offer not valid for Disney character designs nor professionally-designed books.
6. All offers apply to mail-order purchases only, and are only valid while supplies last. Offers apply to mail-order purchases only and cannot be used for in-store pick up. All taxes apply. Coupons may only be used once and not in conjunction with any other offer. Offers valid for U.S. customers only.

Day 3: Culpeper, VA

Day 3: We awoke to the smiling face of a boy who loves to wake with a sweet, "Good morning." Grandpa was off to work while Grandma and Amelia took the kids shopping. Oliver did not nap well while we were visiting because there was so much to explore. When he did fall asleep without a fight, he was usually in the car. Oliver quickly fell asleep so they came back to let him take a nice long nap while Calvin entertained them. Jas and I were left to get some work done. Calvin was "cutting" a few teeth while we were there, lovely right? Can you tell by his cute smiles?

Later, Oliver made cookies with Grandma and Amelia and loved that. We took a trip into town (2 minutes away) to visit the local train station. I can't imagine jumping off of one of those things like in those old western movies.

In a few pictures you will Calvin raising his arms in response to, "How big are you? Soooo Big!" Oliver loved running up and down the tracks. We were happy when he slept all night from complete exhaustion.

We waited around for a train to arrive, but it was an hour and a half late. We decided to eat ice cream and go home instead. We arrived back in Raphine late into the night. The boys were asleep, dreaming of cookies and ice cream and we were happy.
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